Hi everybody 
So today is the last week of winter in Australia I have decided it's time to get refocussed and find back the level of fitness I had a few years back.
The goal is 64kg to 59kg fit 
I will document my journey here what I eat ... what I do to train and all things in between.  
So my PT is currently in NY and will be back in one week 
in the meantime I have been getting up and running/jogging a fixed route each morning at 6 am ...
Yep it's cold and it takes a push to get out the door
but damn it's so nice when you get home
time frees up
I feel a burst of energy
and a feeling of satisfaction that can't be bought 
I'd love to hear from you and your journey ...
so feel free to drop me a message I'd love to hear from you.
With all the love that creates worlds
Hope xxx