Hope Amberlee Jebb
Where did the inspiration for your line start?

In my early teens, my father handed me a tiny little cassette tape which had about 2 minutes of my mother’s voice on it. 

Prior to this I had not known much about my mother who had passed just after my birth.  I remember listening to this little tape till it literally wore out!

Imagining from the sound of her voice what she would wear, how she would walk and in my mind, I was inspired by her beautiful voice and literally dreamt her into my reality.

For me, she is Lane as Grace.


Can you tell us about the label?

As an Australian designer brand, our main focus is on corporate wear with an executive boardroom aesthetic.

With a love for the meeting place between strength and softness. Our focus is on separates specifically designed to highlight both the silhouette and fluidity of the female body.

Our range includes traditional corporate styling through to more entrepreneurial expressive pieces.  All with the ability to mix and match to create a highly-individualised look with a high end polished finish.

With the ability to transition easily from daytime office to evening work events which for myself is really important knowing how much women juggle these days.


You are focussed on the career corporate woman could you tell us your plans for the development of the line?

First goal is to always have a clean minimalistic shop which clearly caters to the professional woman who needs to be able to shop with minimum fuss and with the assurance that they can easily access and select from a carefully curated collection, covering work related events from the podium to the boardroom

Design wise I am currently working on a line of blouses some edgy elements as well as some softer billowy styles which work lovely with the strong silhouette these skirts create.

Adding knitwear and accessories will follow as well as coats and jackets it is important that in a global world our customer can find an outfit appropriate to her location or her destination.


You speak of the play between strong and soft could you explain more about that?

The experience of opposites has been a big part of my life, my father and my step mother were professionals working in medical research as a family we travelled extensively, schooling all over the world, from third world countries with indigenous cultures to first world countries and the great cities of the world. 

Experiencing life from both ends of the spectrum and learning to appreciate the values and beauty in both. 

So that flowed on to be the ultimate expression for me, I have an appreciation for those who are mastering the art of being both at the same time.  Strength, will and power with the ability to uplift and empower others with compassion and care.


Lastly the name, what was the inspiration?

Travelling in my late 20s I was awed by the mature and stunning French style icons.  It struck me that the beauty that came forth from these women was not only physical but also from a lifetime of wide ranging experiences, it occurred to me that just like a mature oak tree you can’t cheat your way there it’s the passage of time.

Their elegance is the path that they have laid with such grace.

I have a son Lane and a daughter Grace it was interesting to me when I realised that I had in fact, years earlier almost exactly chosen the names for them that would later reflect perfectly

The label … Lane as Grace.

Classic & Timeless Executive & Elevated inspired by iconic French styling

Our collection is designed and made in Australia.